[Release] Author, pastor and prophecy expert Ray Bentley releases “The Threshing Floor,” a fiction thriller centered on events foretold to come and happening even now in the Holy Land

Nov. 12, 2019
SAN DIEGO — Pastor, Bible teacher, and founder of Maranatha Chapel, Ray Bentley, is pleased today to announce the official release of his latest book, “The Threshing Floor.” This book is the second of three books in his Elijah Chronicles series with bestselling co-author Bodie Thoene.

“The Threshing Floor,” with its dangerous secret, vicious plot, and visions of the past, is tough to put down. In this captivating story, Jack Garrison is forever a changed man free of his bitterness, yet his future looks uncertain. After protecting him from a terrorist attack, the girl he loves, Bette Deekmann, struggles to stay alive all while harboring a dangerous secret. While he digs deeper into her mysterious identity, his visions of the past continue to draw him into Israel’s history.

In this second installment of the Elijah Chronicles series, readers are led on a thrilling journey through the Holy Land of Israel. They’ll discover new insights on biblical prophecy, coming world events, and the significance the nation of Israel has in the end times—all while being swept up in an exhilarating adventure.

“I hope this novel will not only leave readers entertained and more informed about the complicated world we find in the Middle East, but will also leave readers encouraged about the days foretold in Scripture,” said Pastor Ray Bentley. “Every day we hear news of more drama in Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and across the entire Middle East. Just this morning news is unfolding of more than 200 rocket attacks that were launched overnight on towns surrounding the Gaza Strip in Southern Israel. These acts of terror have injured many Israelis, even children. I hope this book helps readers make some sense of what it all means and will lead them to ask more questions. Most importantly, I want readers to understand the hope we have as followers of Christ and that with him, there’s nothing on the horizon that should cause us to fear or tremble.”

Ray Bentley is a pastor, prophecy expert, and author. He founded Maranatha Chapel in August 1984, and the church now serves 7,000 people weekly. His daily radio show can be heard across the United States and on stations around the world. Ray Bentley Ministries produces a variety of printed, audio, and video resources for study available at raybentley.com. His latest series — The Elijah Chronicles — is a fiction series based on end-times events. The first of three books is available here, and the second is now available for pre-sale.