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At the Dignity Freedom Network, their mission is to end atrocities and help the Dalit people achieve fundamental rights through a foundation of education, healthcare, and economic empowerment.

Bishop Joseph D’Souza of the Dignity Freedom Network thanks Biden administration for donating millions of doses of COVID vaccines to South Asia

Jun. 4, 2021

HYDERABAD, India —  After the Biden administration announced this week that the U.S. will donate 25 million surplus COVID vaccines to nations overseas, including India, Bishop Joseph D’Souza releases the following statement:

“While the world’s attention is fixed on a variety of issues right now, India is still suffering from COVID unlike any nation in the world, until now. This gesture by the Biden administration, not unlike previous gestures from the Trump administration, will save countless lives. It also demonstrates the special relationship enjoyed by the Republic of India and its friends in the United States. I thank God for my beloved India and our dear friends and allies in the United States of America.”

Most Rev. Joseph D’Souza is an internationally renowned human and civil rights activist. He is the founder of Dignity Freedom Network, an organization that advocates for and delivers humanitarian aid to the marginalized and outcastes of South Asia. He is archbishop of the Anglican Good Shepherd Church of India and serves as the president of the All India Christian Council.