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Greg Laurie is the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship with campuses in California and Hawaii. Laurie is the featured speaker of the Harvest Crusades and Harvest America, large-scale public evangelistic events.

[Release] Cathe Laurie, Wife of Pastor Greg Laurie, Unveils All-New ‘Virtue for Women’ Weekly Devotional

Mar. 7, 2018

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Cathe Laurie, founder and director of the women’s ministry at Harvest Christian Fellowship and wife of evangelist and pastor, Greg Laurie, unveils an all-new look and feel for her popular Virtue for Women ministry website along with the addition of a twice-weekly email devotional crafted specifically for women.

Virtue for Women is an online resource for women that features Bible studies, articles written by Cathe and other female contributors, as well as practical advice on topics ranging from relationships to food, parenting and crafts. Laurie encourages women to be “uniquely and wonderfully female, with all the complexities implied” and to be true to themselves as “a woman of many strengths.”

“Virtue for Women is something so near and dear to my heart, and over time, it’s reach has grown beyond what I originally envisioned for it,” says Cathe Laurie (pronounced the same as its more common alternative spelling, Cathy). “It was time to let the platform grow with the community. It’s become something more akin to a women’s online magazine and it’s incredibly exciting to see what it’s become.”

My husband is an amazing communicator and God has used him to reach literally, millions of people,” continues Laurie. “But sometimes as a woman, you just need to hear from other women. That might be as simple as a dinner recipe, a life ‘hack’ around the house, relationship advice or the very words of God. The Bible instructs women to pursue virtue and we’re a band of sisters working toward that together.”

The goal of the new, weekly devotional – and the website’s expanded functionality and all-new look and feel – is to allow a more personal connection between Laurie and her readers, as well as to better establish a place to help connect women to the Gospel.

When Cathe speaks, whether it’s in front of a church, a small group setting or one-on-one, godliness and wisdom pour forth,” says pastor and husband, Greg Laurie. “Virtue for Women has grown and grown over the years and it really speaks to Cathe’s incredible ability to relate to so many different types and kinds of people as well as to her own down-to-earth and virtuous character. We’re excited to raise the bar and really expand. Cathe’s biggest desire is for women to connect with the Lord and at the end of the day, that’s what Women of Virtue is all about.

Along with the website many resources, devotionals will be sent out twice a week by e-mail to subscribers. To receive Cathe Laurie’s Virtue for Women devotions, visit

To see a video of Cathe on-stage with her husband Greg, jump ahead to 55 min into this video provided by Harvest Ministries. 

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Cathe Laurie is the wife of Greg Laurie, senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside California and speaker for the Harvest Crusades. She is the founder and director of women’s ministry at Harvest Christian Fellowship and teaches in the Women’s Bible Fellowship at Harvest. She is also the author of As I See It: Thoughts for Women on Issues that Matter from a Biblical Perspective.

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