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[Release] Centennial Institute puts CO Gov. Polis on notice with petition to clean up vandalized state capitol

Jul. 22, 2020

Press Release: The KAIROS Company for Colorado Christian University 

Jul. 22, 2020

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LAKEWOOD, Col. — The Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University has a message for Colorado’s governor: clean up the state capitol and protect Colorado’s public institutions.

For nearly two months, vandals have sprayed graffiti on the capitol building, broken windows and damaged other property while demonstrating against police brutality and systemic racism. Yet, Governor Polis has done nothing to stop the disorder

The Centennial Institute released a petition Friday collecting signatures to demand that Governor Jared Polis put an end to the vandalism and clean up the mess.

“What is happening at the state capitol is shameful and unacceptable. It is an affront to all Coloradans,” said Jeff Hunt, Director of the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University.  “This destruction cannot be allowed to continue. Gov. Polis, you need to hold perpetrators to account and send a message that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated.”

Since its posting on Friday, July 17, the petition has garnered over 1100 signatures. On Monday, July 20, workers began cleaning up and repairing the capitol building, which has sustained approximately $1 million in damages.

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