[Release] Christian Care Ministry, Student Leadership University Form Strategic Partnership

Nov. 5, 2018

MELBOURNE, Fla. — Christian Care Ministry (CCM), which offers the popular Medi-Share health care sharing program, recently announced a strategic partnership with Orlando, Florida-based Student Leadership University (SLU).

Founded in 1994 and led by Dr. Jay Strack, SLU’s mission is to develop and equip student leaders to think, dream and lead. SLU strives to instill future tense thinking; character-driven decision making; ownership of biblical values; and a commitment to influence through service. Patterned after leading Fortune 500 corporate leadership seminars, each student is exposed to comprehensive programs focusing on leadership skills such as time and life management, goal setting, dealing with conflict and difficult people, and developing a Christian worldview. SLU’s programs include SLU 101, 201, 301 and 401, a series of leadership programs for students; an annual Youth Pastor Summit offered as a gift for youth leaders; and The Lift Tour, a two-day weekend experience for middle and high schoolers where they can exalt Christ, engage with scripture through messages and small group discussions, and be equipped with the necessary tools to pursue Christ passionately.

When asked about the broader vision behind CCM and SLU joining forces, CCM’s Chief Operating Officer, Chu Soh said, “From the beginning, the goal of our ministry has been to model a New Testament community of sharing based on Acts 2: 44–47, connecting and equipping Christians to share their lives, faith, talents and resources with others. Our Medi-Share program allows us to do this with health-related burdens. Our growing network of churches allows us to serve and share our resources with pastors. SLU has been doing the same for more than 20 years by investing in youth leaders and training up future generations of Christian leaders and influencers. The fact that CCM and SLU are so like-minded made this strategic partnership an easy decision for our ministry. Together, we’re going to continue impacting the Kingdom by connecting churches, pastors, and members and equipping them to share their time, talents and gifts to serve wherever, whenever and however God calls them.”

Jay Strack, SLU’s founder and president said, “I started SLU to counteract the alarming trend of students who walk away from their faith beginning in high school. Since then, we’ve been able to impact more than 203,000 students and youth leaders and prepare them for the future by teaching them how to think, dream and ultimately lead. Joining forces with CCM will allow us to dramatically increase the number of youth leaders and students we can equip and serve. And on a personal note, my daughter has been a part of CCM’s Medi-Share program since 2016, and it has been a great blessing to her.”

SLU will remain in its Orlando headquarters. CCM has offices in Melbourne, Florida and Colorado Springs, Colorado.


About Christian Care Ministry
Based in Melbourne, Florida, Christian Care Ministry operates the Medi-Share health care sharing program through which members voluntarily and directly share each other’s medical bills. Since the program’s inception in 1993, Medi-Share members have had more than $3 billion of their medical bills shared and discounted. Medi-Share has more than 400,000 members in all 50 states.

More than just healthcare, Medi-Share is a community of people who share their lives, faith, talents and resources and pray for and encourage one another. For more information, visit www.MediShare.com/News.