[Release] Christian Care Ministry to Give Employees 24 Hours of Paid Leave to Volunteer in Local Community

Oct. 11, 2017

MELBOURNE, Fla., Oct. 11, 2017 — Christian Care Ministry — which operates the rapidly growing Medi-Share health care sharing program — announced the expansion of its “Acts2Action” employee volunteerism program. Under the expanded program, full-time employees will now have up to 24 hours of paid leave to volunteer in the local community.

To kick off the newly expanded employee volunteerism program, the ministry has invited 20 local nonprofit organizations for an information fair at its offices, on Friday, Oct. 13. At the fair, employees will learn about the organizations’ mission statements, values and programs, and be able to sign up for community volunteering opportunities.

“Whether it’s on a nationwide scale through our health care sharing program Medi-Share or on a local community level through our employee volunteerism program, the mission of Christian Care Ministry is always to serve, help and care for people,” said Ted Squires, CEO of Medi-Share. “This is why we’ve decided to give our employees up to 24 hours of paid leave so they can volunteer in our local community.”

“Our staff has consistently expressed a desire to use their time, faith and energy to bless the people of Brevard County,” Squires said. “As a ministry whose entire focus is to enable people to share their lives, faith and resources, we are proud to see our staff embrace this same mission in their personal lives. And we are glad to be able to empower them to do this through our expanded volunteerism program.”

An initial estimate of the impact of the “Acts2Action” volunteerism program indicates that Christian Care Ministry employees could contribute up to 7,800 volunteer hours to service projects in Brevard County. The ministry also plans to roll out a similar program in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where it employs more than 100 people at a customer care center.

The nonprofit organizations participating in Friday’s fair run the gamut of volunteering possibilities in Brevard County. They include organizations that provide support for people with disabilities, services for the homeless, meal distribution, low-cost housing, pregnancy resources, shelter for animals and more. In addition, as part of Christian Care Ministry’s emphasis on fostering thriving families and children, employees will also be able to use their paid leave to volunteer at the schools their children attend.

A unique participant is Space Coast Seafarers Ministry, a nonprofit that assists employees from cruise and cargo ships that are based out of Port Canaveral. The crew members of these vessels represent more than 110 countries and allow volunteers to “reach the nations” without leaving Brevard County.

“We have been overwhelmed by the positive response we received from the nonprofit community,” said Stephany Eley, Christian Care Ministry’s community outreach liaison, who helped expand the volunteerism program. “There is tremendous diversity among the participating organizations, and we hope that each employee will find a volunteer opportunity that will be a great fit.”

Media note: Local media are invited to the nonprofit fair. Contact Michael Gardner (mgardner@tccm.org) to RSVP. Media credentials required.

When: Friday, Oct. 13, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Where: 4150 W Eau Gallie Blvd, Melbourne, Florida, 32934

Check in with Security in lobby and will be directed to parking


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