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Former leftwing activist @halfblackconservative, Amala Ekpunobi, becomes newest PragerU personality

Mar. 16, 2021

HOLLYWOOD — Twenty-year-old Amala Ekpunobi, a self-described “left-wing activist” turned conservative influencer, is PragerU’s newest personality. A PragerU ambassador, her story stood out among hundreds of entries during a recent PragerFORCE casting call to “find the next Will Witt.” Ekpunobi — who announced her new role to her thousands of social media followers — joins PragerU’s lineup of conservative content creators.

Ekpunobi shares her ideological transformation, from questioning leftist ideology to ultimately changing her mind and embracing conservative ideas, in her “Stories of Us” video “Why I Left My Job as a Leftist Organizer.” The episode is the newest in the mini-series, which is dedicated to telling personal stories of people’s journeys to living a better life, speaking out about their values and their love of America.

“The Left is very, very supportive of anti-American values and anti-American speech,” remarked Ekpunobi. “They see it as taking back a country that has not served them, even though America has done wonders for everybody who lives here.”

The daughter of a Nigerian immigrant, Ekpunobi herself embodies the American dream. Raised by a far-left single mother of three, she adopted leftist beliefs from an early age. After high school she began working for the same left-leaning organization as her mother, canvassing neighborhoods as a youth organizer bent on converting others to leftist ideology.

She never questioned the narrative — until she discovered the racism she thought she was fighting against was being perpetuated by her side. Within the organization she worked for she heard blatant racism against white people. As a half-black, half-white young woman, she recognized half of herself and half of her family was hated and unwelcome by the Left. She could not support that position and now actively speaks out on issues such as victim culture.

“We are bringing back segregation in this country,” Ekunobi conluded. “People will sell it to you that we are doing it in a positive manner, but it perpetuates the same racist narrative that they are trying to run away from.”

The Left, she said, wants “race to be seen.” The civil-rights era goal to ensure all people are judged by their character is being replaced by a skin-color-first approach.

“They think it’s such a pivotal part of who they are as a person, and it’s overtaking character, it’s overtaking morals and values, it’s overtaking where you even land politically,” said Ekpunobi. “Your race is seen as this sort of pivotal structure to who you are when that should not be the case.”

Although her father is not involved in her life, she has found positive influences in her grandparents and inspiration in economist, social theorist, author and nationally syndicated conservative columnist, Thomas Sowell.

As a member of Generation Z, Ekpunopi — known as @halfblackconservative — brings her message to hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTokInstagram and Twitter and will reach countless more through her involvement with PragerU.

Ekpunobi is the second addition to the PragerU lineup in just a few short weeks. In February, PragerU announced Jill Simonian as the new Director of Outreach for “PragerU Resources for Educators and Parents (PREP),” an online community that has equipped more than 6,000 parents and educators with the tools they need to give students a balanced education and demand that schools across America do the same.

Watch Ekpunobi’s “Stories of Us” episode here.

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