[Release] Harvest Bible Chapel’s Annual ‘Act Like Men Palooza’ Draws Men from Across the Midwest Committed to Following God’s Design for Manhood

Jun. 6, 2018

CHICAGO What began as a men’s stadium conference and turned into a widely-acclaimed book, Act Like Men is now a thriving movement of men who embrace all that God created them to be.

In 2015, Pastor James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel launched monthly men’s discipleship nights that culminated in the first annual Act Like Men Palooza. This event is happening again June 8-10 at Camp Harvest in Michigan, with camping, sporting events, intense competitions, food, worship, and teaching from God’s Word. Originally only available to the men of Harvest Bible Chapel, Chicago, this year it is available to qualifying men from across the region.

Pastor MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel emphasize that as goes the man, so goes the family, the church, and the nation. This movement is based on the biblical foundations of male identity, with the end goal of each participant involved to “become the man God intended you to be.”

Looking forward to this weekend’s event, Pastor MacDonald said:

“The need is urgent and the time is now for radical revival in the hearts of men. Everywhere we look in our culture today, from broken marriages and homes, to cultural endorsement of sexual sin, to our teens and our young men drawn into street gangs and violence, we see men failing to live and lead the way that God designed. Men today are facing unrelenting pressure from the enemy in every aspect of life – and men can’t win this fight alone. More than ever, men need to rally together, inviting the Lord to take them to the mat with the full weight of who He is. Only then can they be rebuilt into men of biblical integrity and honor. Act Like Men Palooza is a big event with a bigger impact upon the men of our church – and its growing impact on men will be felt for generations.”

To watch highlights from previous Act Like Men Palooza events and learn how to join this movement, click here.


Pastor James MacDonald is an esteemed Bible teacher whose Walk in the Word radio and television programs are followed by millions across the United States and around the world. He’s the Founding and Senior Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, with seven campuses spread throughout the greater Chicago area.

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