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[Release] ‘I’m Gay…and Conservative’: PragerU Addresses Sexual Orientation and Political Values

Jan. 22, 2018

LOS ANGELES — Is it possible to be homosexual and conservative? According to Guy Benson, conservative commentator and co-author of “End of Discussion,” the answer is of course, yes. In PragerU’s latest video, I’m Gay…Conservative…So What?, Benson explains why he believes political values are incomparable to sexual orientation.

Benson views his sexual orientation as more of a “footnote” to his identity, not the headline. “When it comes to my political beliefs, my orientation is only one part of the story,” explains Benson. “It’s not the totality of who I am.”

Some “unimaginative” leftists call Benson a self-hating gay person, but he believes characteristics such as gender, skin color or sexual orientation are unrelated to personal ideas and values. Benson holds to conservatism simply because after critically thinking about the issues, he decided he prefers low taxes, a strong military and disagrees with Obamacare and late-term abortion.

Benson is genuinely grateful for gay rights activists, despite his differing political beliefs, because their efforts successfully obtained certain freedoms for the LGBT community from which he benefits. His objections arise when the LGBT community ostracizes its members if they don’t support every cause championed by the Left. Political differences should be handled without hostility.

Benson acknowledges he may not see eye-to-eye with certain people at PragerU, but was still welcomed to speak on its platform. “Conservatives are often much more tolerant of dissenting views than those who fancy themselves the torch-carriers of open-mindedness,” says Benson.

“A free-thinking, free citizen of a free country is not obliged to believe anything because

somebody else believes he ‘ought’ to think or ‘ought’ to vote or ‘ought’ to rank his (or her)

priorities differently,” says Benson.

Benson chooses to respect other gay people who think or vote differently than he does. He abides by the phrase, “live and let live” rather than the increasingly common mentality of “agree — or else.” He calls for an increase in debate and discussion, rather than punishment.

“Like I said, I’m a Christian, a patriotic American, and a free market, shrink-the-government

conservative – who happens to be gay,” concludes Benson. “That’s how I choose to rank my priorities.”

“And you know what that’s called? It’s called progress.”

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