[Release] Lynchburg restaurant owner and fitness coach partners with World Help to provide clean water to Guatemala

Aug. 7, 2018

LYNCHBURG, Va.—When Ben Crosswhite opened his first business, he had no idea it would lead to helping save lives overseas.

A Lynchburg resident and graduate of Liberty University, Crosswhite first began his professional health journey as a personal trainer at Crosswhite Fitness. This year, he broke into the local restaurant scene, opening Virginia’s first Muscle Maker Grill. The restaurant provides healthy alternatives to favorite foods served at traditional restaurants.

Crosswhite’s goal has always been to contribute to the health of his community, but a trip to Guatemala with Christian humanitarian aid organization World Help made him realize he could reach much further.

In Guatemala, Crosswhite witnessed a critical need when he saw people drinking contaminated water.

“Having seen some of these kids who drink water that makes them even more thirsty because it’s contaminated … it’s very sad,” he said.

He also saw the healing that a simple, clean-water well could bring. This experience ignited a passion in him to bring clean water to as many people as possible.

Right away Ben began raising money to fund well-digging projects in Guatemala. He gained support from his hometown of Elkin, North Carolina, and founded the Foothills 5k Wet Run, complete with firetrucks and sprinklers to cool runners down. Most recently, he’s organized a concert featuring nationally known recording artists like TobyMac and Michael Tait. This event will raise funds to build wells in Guatemalan villages. 

While Crosswhite is still working to make Lynchburg a healthier place through Crosswhite Fitness and now Muscle Maker Grill, his efforts to make other lives healthier through clean water are still going strong.

His goal is for both of his businesses to give charitably because of how important health and well-being are to him — both here at home and internationally.

“One of the main reasons I give for the wells is because I know it’s changing lives. We’re really saving hundreds and hundreds of lives, and there’s no better feeling,” Crosswhite said.

Sometimes the task seems daunting, but Crosswhite knows that just as rigorous exercise and a disciplined diet save lives in Lynchburg, providing clean water saves many lives in Guatemala.

“Every time I go back, I realize there’s more and more [work to be done],” he explained. “You know, some people get overwhelmed and say, ‘Well, we’ll never get clean water for everyone, so why even try?’ And in my mind, I’m thinking — we’re one well closer to having all of Guatemala with clean water.”

World Help is a local humanitarian aid organization with a global footprint that spans to more than 70 countries. The organization partners with local business owners to bring humanitarian aid to communities across the world. To learn more about World Help’s programs visit worldhelp.net.




World Help is a Christian humanitarian organization serving the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities around the world. For 27 years, World Help has worked with partners around the world to help those in need and bring hope into hopeless situations.

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