[Release] Made For Amazing, New Book by Mark Nation, an Amazon Bestseller Before Its Release Date

Oct. 9, 2017

Made for Amazing: An Instrumental Journey of Authentic Leadership Transformation, a new book by internationally recognized leadership expert Mark Nation, has already grabbed top spots as a “Hot New Release” and a “Bestseller” on Amazon — and the book isn’t even available yet!

The book was rated #1 as a “Hot New Release” in the “Biz & Money” and “Health/Diet/Fitness” categories and was the #2 release under “Christian Leadership.” Preorders for the book have made the title a best-seller in multiple categories — #2 in “Vocational Guidance,” #10 in “Occupational & Organizational Popular Psychology” and #13 in “Christian Leadership.”     

Made for Amazing is a leadership fable about a musician who chases fame and fortune, but in the process loses focus on who he truly is and what he cares most deeply about.

Nation points out that this is all-too-often the scenario many of us face — but it doesn’t have to be this way. There is no reason we should betray our God-given talents and gifts in the search for career success and a life of significance. Through artful allusions to musical imagery, Made for Amazing offers the keys to unlock life-giving purpose and potential. The story framework provides a time-tested roadmap that will inspire you to marry your inner calling with unceasingly complex outward realities, enabling you to truly ‘find your song’ in work and life.

The book includes sections for questions, discussion and reflection to help the reader capitalize on the concepts and prescriptions presented.



Mark Nation is a globally-recognized management expert, leadership consultant, executive coach, author, and speaker with an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is the founder and president of Nation Leadership and the Made for Amazing Project. He is the author of the forthcoming book, Made for Amazing: An Instrumental Journey of Authentic Leadership Transformation, which will be released in October 2017 from Greenleaf Press. He is personally driven to discover what makes individuals, teams and organizations amazing—those elements which power the heart and soul of individuals and businesses worldwide.

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