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My Faith Votes exists to inspire and motivate 25 million Christians who were registered to vote but who chose not to vote in 2012.  The movement's Honorary National Chairman is Dr. Ben Carson.

[Release] My Faith Votes Partners with Major Pro-life Film ‘Unplanned,’ Provides Tool for Moviegoers to Respond

Apr. 1, 2019

DALLAS — My Faith Votes has partnered with the new pro-life film, “Unplanned,” releasing in theaters nationwide March 29. The film pulls back the curtain on the largest abortion provider in the nation and tells the powerful true story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Director, who is now a leading advocate for life.

“Upon hearing the directors of ‘Unplanned’ had been praying for a way to provide help to each person impacted by the film, My Faith Votes responded by offering the full use of our technology and resources,” says My Faith Votes CEO Jason Yates.

Yates expects that “no one will walk away from this film untouched.”

An on-screen prompt following the movie will direct those seeking help, answers or a next step to text HOPE to 73075 or visit

Women facing an unexpected pregnancy or who have had past abortions are among those who may be prompted by the film to seek healing and support. Others might currently be working in the abortion industry and will want a way out. Still, others may desire tangible ways to engage in the pro-life movement.

“That’s why My Faith Votes worked with 19 nonprofit organizations to compile helpful resources to help moviegoers make sense of and act upon what they’ve just seen,” Yates added. “I firmly believe Abby’s captivating story has the potential to change hearts and minds and help unleash a renewed culture of life in America.”

In a January interview with My Faith Votes Johnson remarked that the goal of the pro-life movement “cannot be simply to make abortion illegal.” Instead, she suggested the goal must be “to make abortion unthinkable so that when a woman experiences an unplanned pregnancy, she never even thinks about darkening the door of a facility that will exploit her, manipulate her and take the life of her child.”

Abby Johnson released this exclusive video inviting My Faith Votes followers to see Unplanned.

To find a theater near you and for tickets, click here.


Jason Yates is CEO of My Faith Votes, a nonpartisan movement that motivates, equips and mobilizes Christians in America to take action to transform our communities and impact the nation with biblical truth. By partnering with national faith leaders, My Faith Votes provides resources to help Christians Pray, Think, and Act to create an America where God is honored in the public square. Gov. Mike Huckabee serves as the organization’s honorary national chairman.

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