[Release] On World Water Day, World Help provides clean water to victims of Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe

Mar. 22, 2019
FOREST, Va. — This World Water Day, Friday, March 22, one organization is meeting the immediate needs of a community stricken by a recent disaster while simultaneously providing for the water needs of communities around the world.
World Help, the Virginia-based international humanitarian organization, has activated its disaster response program to provide clean water to the victims of Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe. Working with partners on the ground, World Help is distributing bottled water along with food, infant care kits and hygiene supplies to families who have been displaced by the flooding.
At the same time, the organization has launched a matching campaign to fund clean water projects for impoverished communities around the world.
Here is how it works: For every $15 donated to the Zimbabwe disaster relief, another $15 will be given to provide clean water in an additional water-deprived and drought-stricken country.
The campaign has been made possible by a generous anonymous donation that will match gifts up to $15,000 made today only, on World Water Day.

“Last week, Cyclone Idai drenched Zimbabwe in torrential floodwaters,” said Vernon Brewer, founder and CEO of World Help.”But while the country is struggling with the problem of having too much water, it’s also suffering from having too little water.

“Clean water is almost impossible to find since the floods damaged many water tanks and pipelines. Without clean water, a deadly outbreak of cholera or typhoid could be on the horizon. Countless lives are at stake.”

Research has shown that clean water plays a vital role in a community’s overall health and social well-being, economic potential and ability to access education. World Help has made clean water one of its flagship projects, impacting millions of people over the years with its humanitarian programs. 

In 2018, World Help provided clean water to an estimated 41,000 people in dozens of impoverished communities in nations like Guatemala, Haiti, India and Nepal. In 2019, the organization plans to impact 50,000 people through its clean water projects.

“On this World Water Day, I cannot think of a better way to fight our worldwide water scarcity problem than by providing clean water to victims of Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe while at the same time funding clean water projects for impoverished communities around the world,” Brewer said. “For the people of Zimbabwe and for countless families around the world, water is life. Help us give them this gift. Help us give them hope.”

To learn more about the relief efforts or to donate, visit World Help’s World Water Day campaign page.
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