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[Release] PragerU Discredits ‘Gender Sameness’

Oct. 3, 2017

LOS ANGELES Updating a social media account in 2017 takes longer than it did three years ago. Facebook now offers 56 gender options, with the opportunity to select up to 10 at one time. To many, gender is no longer considered a scientific classification, but a personal choice. In PragerU’s newest video, “Gender-Identity: Why All the Confusion,” Senior Fellow with the Catholic Association and PragerU contributor, Ashley McGuire, discredits the validity of “gender sameness” and explains the detrimental consequences of this ideological shift taking place in society.

According to McGuire, subjective gender identities are an anti-scientific view of the biological differences between men and women. “Their brains are different, their hormones are different, their chromosomes are different, and, of course, their bodies are different,” said McGuire.

This is why Fallon Fox, a biological male mixed martial arts fighter who self-identifies and fights as a female, hospitalized female fighter Tameeka Brents with a broken skull and concussion during a match. After the fight, Brents stated, “I’ve never felt more overpowered in my life.

Twenty years ago, if a man hit a woman so hard that he sent her to the hospital, he’d be in prison. Now he can get paid for it,” observed McGuire.

To McGuire, the Fox-Brents fight is an example of the high price women are paying, and increasingly will pay, for personal gender-identification. Women are now judged by the same standard as men, so in essence, becoming more of a woman is defined as resembling a man.

“[A woman] has to want to have casual sex like a man; to serve in combat like a man; to pursue a career with single-minded intensity like a man,” said McGuire. However, the majority of women have different desires, strengths, and priorities than men.

Ironically, noted McGuire, society’s quest for “sameness” is occurring at a time of incredible scientific advancement, that the we now know more emphatically than ever that the sexes are different in very fundamental ways. “So, what your grandmother took for granted – men and women are different – science now confirms,” noted McGuire.

Gender distinctions are quickly disappearing from public places. Retail stores like Target and Toys R Us, certain school districts, and many college dorms have completely removed “boy and girl” separations and distinctions. McGuire also explains the potential pitfalls “sameness” can cause in the workplace, where simply using the wrong pronoun can now get you fired, or in Canada, where it might land you in court.

McGuire recognizes the need for compassion and protection for the small percentage of people who experience gender dysphoria, but not at the cost of ignoring fundamental biology. To McGuire, there is a major problem in society if women like Tameeka Brents are getting seriously injured for the sake of political correctness.

McGuire believes gender differences should be celebrated, not shamed. “Rather than trying to quash this reality, which can only lead to more needless confusion and suffering, not less, we should step back and marvel at it. And enjoy it.”

Male-female differences are among the most wonderful things in life.”

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