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[Release] PragerU Fires Back: Lawsuit Vs. Google/Youtube Heads to the 9th Circuit

Apr. 26, 2018

LOS ANGELES — On Monday, the law firm of Browne George Ross LLP, attorneys for PragerU, officially filed an appeal of its lawsuit against Google Inc. and its subsidiary YouTube, LLC. with the Ninth Circuit Court. With the filing, PragerU appeals a March 28, 2018 Federal Court ruling by Judge Lucy H. Koh and is instead taking its case directly to the Ninth Circuit Court.

From the beginning of this process, we’ve been prepared to pursue our lawsuit against Google/YouTube as far, and for as long as it takes to secure every Americans’ right to freedom of speech and expression online,” says PragerU CEO Marissa Streit. “Unfortunately, case law related to internet issues of various kinds, including freedom of speech, is woefully inadequate or completely non-existent. It is incumbent upon organizations like PragerU and other concerned groups and citizens all across the country, to challenge big tech in the court of law in order to establish the legal precedents necessary to protect this sacred right for generations of Americans to come. The time is now for the courts to address this glaring hole in case law and to hold big tech accountable for trying to tell us what is acceptable to think, say, or watch. We are increasingly optimistic about the merits of our lawsuit and we look forward to arguing our case before the Ninth Circuit court of appeals.” 

PragerU v. Google/YouTube, has placed the educational media organization at the center of a heated national debate about freedom of speech online, and carries with it profound implications for both the future of the First Amendment and more generally, political debate in America. Many of PragerU’s videos remain restricted in schools, libraries and homes, disproportionately blocking them from the very audience it hopes to reach, namely young people, who account for more than 60 percent of PragerU’s 1.28 billion online views to date. 

Nearly a half million grassroots supporters have added their names to PragerU’s online petition and thousands more have donated in support of the organization’s legal fund



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