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[Release] PragerU Founder Dennis Prager Tackles the Biggest Question of them All: ‘Is There Life After Death?’

Jan. 9, 2018

LOS ANGELES — Death is unavoidable and largely unknown. In fact the mystery surrounding the end of our lives is one reason why 68 percent of Americans experience Necrophobia, the fear of death. In PragerU’s newest video, Is There Life After This Life?, PragerU Founder Dennis Prager tackles this eternal question with his signature, philosophical logic.

Prager’s reasoning is as follows: Since the world is filled with unimaginable suffering, the only possibility of achieving ultimate justice for victims of evil, is if an afterlife exists. An afterlife offers the one source of true comfort for those who have suffered unjustly in this life.

“But such an afterlife exists only if there is a good and just God,” qualifies Prager. “A good and just God provides a way to compensate for all the unjust suffering in this world.”

Prager contends that since God is not a physical being, there must be a non-physical reality in addition to the physical world. Likewise, human beings have long described a non-physical “soul” which will survive after the body dies. Prager’s reasoning is only possible if God exists. With no God, there is just a physical reality which ends at death. No God, no soul; no soul, no afterlife. 

Conversely, believing in God and not an afterlife would mean that god is cruel, that god made a world filled with unjust suffering and left it at that.

People who do not believe in an afterlife often create their own version of immorality. According to Prager, they often claim to “live on” through their good works and the memories of loved ones, usually referring to their children or grandchildren. To Prager, this idea is meaningless. If people lived on through their “good works,” then children and babies who die without any “good works” would not live on. Additionally, living on in the memories of loved ones is virtually impossible for those with no children.

“The truth is that bad works usually live on longer than nearly any good works,” continues Prager. This means the evil acts of Hitler, that “live on” in countless memories, would secure his immortality far more than the kindest people on earth.

And of course there the obvious: Simply existing in anyone’s memory is not the same as immortality and an afterlife.

“If there’s no afterlife, none of us will ever again be with those we most love and who love us… neither [will] anyone murdered nor any murderer ever receive ultimate justice,” says Prager. “If there’s no afterlife, this life, for the vast majority of people who ever lived and for those alive now, is a meaningless crapshoot.”

Prager does not pretend to know will happen in the afterlife, but holds his belief in God and an afterlife maintains his sanity in a broken world.

“The thought that this life is all there is means that children are raped and murdered and that’s their lousy luck…that torturers get away with the horrors they have engaged in…that this life is random and pointless…[and] that will never again see anyone I love,” concludes Prager. “This would drive me mad.”  

“So is there an afterlife? If there is a God, of course there is.”

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