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[Release] PragerU launches nationwide ‘Back The Blue’ campaign in support of police

Jul. 20, 2020

Press Release: The KAIROS Company for PragerU

Jul. 20, 2020

LOS ANGELES — PragerU has launched “Back The Blue,” a national initiative to rally support for police from organizations, influencers, media outlets and individuals from July 20-24. The overarching goal of the campaign is to spread messages of gratitude and appreciation for law enforcement. The campaign includes both online and offline actions.

“Our brave police men and women are under attack by the mainstream media and radical Leftist groups who want people to believe that most law enforcement officers are racist,’” said Marissa Streit, CEO of PragerU. “But they aren’t all bad cops. They put their lives on the line for us every day, and they need to know that we value them.”


Senator Ted Cruz added his voice to PragerU’s campaign, speaking to law enforcement via video. “I’m proud to stand with you,” he said. “America is proud to stand with you. We love you. Even if the idiots screaming on TV aren’t saying it, America loves you and we are grateful for you.”

The campaign kicks off Monday, July 20 with a “Twitter storm” from 1-3pm ET and again on Wednesday, July 22 during the same time.

For those who wish to participate via social media, PragerU has created an online toolkit with simple actions steps:

  1. Post on social media
    a. Use hashtags #BackTheBlue #DefendThePolice @PragerU. Here is a         sample image to post:
    b. Participants can use additional PragerU sample tweets and graphics.
  2. Post a testimonial video
    a. Post a video during the twitter storms (or any other time)
    sharing gratitude for the police and why they are critical to public
    b.  Add the hashtags #BackTheBlue #DefendThePolice @PragerU and
    the phrase “I’m proud to support PragerU’s Back The Blue
    campaign” to the post.
    i. examples: Dennis PragerSenator Ted Cruz, and Brandon Tatum
  3. Share PragerU videos and posts in support of the police
    a. Monday, Jul. 20: Are the Police Racist? (Heather Mac Donald)
    Tuesday, Jul. 21: Cops Are the Good Guys (Sheriff David Clarke)
    Wednesday, Jul. 22: Are the Police Racist? (Will Witt)
    Thursday, Jul. 23: The Candace Owens Show: Brandon Tatum
    Friday, Jul. 24: Will Witt Debunks “Defunding the Police”
    The Left Wants to Abolish the Police. Does the Black Community?
    (Ami Horowitz)
    b.  Participants can tag their local police department and let them know
    they support them.
  4. Sign PragerU’s online thank-you card
    a.  PragerU will deliver cards to local police stations as part of the
  5. Donate online to support the initiative to thank police all over the country
    a.  PragerFORCE students, volunteer high school students, will be
    delivering thank-you gifts to police stations across America.
    Donations support this project and the promotion of pro-police

For those who wish to participate by getting active in person, PragerU urges people to engage with their local civic leaders, contact their school board and teachers to discuss how racism and policing are presented in school curriculum and continue to educate themselves and their loved ones on the facts.

More information on the campaign and instructions on how to participate are available here.

For media inquiries, email

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