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[Release] PragerU launches ‘The Book Club with Michael Knowles’ to explore Western Civilization’s defining literary masterpieces, premieres Tues., Jan. 21

Jan. 14, 2020
LOS ANGELES — PragerU will add yet another new series to its expanding lineup next week, premiering “The Book Club with Michael Knowles” Tues, Jan. 21. The new show will present a list of “must-reads” from the Western canon to people of all ages — from home-schooling parents to members of Generation Z, Millennials and beyond.

Hosted by Michael Knowles, the host of “The Michael Knowles Show” on The Daily Wire, every episode of “The Book Club” will focus on one remarkable book that has shaped Western Civilization. Dennis Prager will join Knowles in the debut episode to discuss a book that influenced his life, “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl.

“It’s not unusual today for a young person to make it through high school and college without ever having read a book from the canon of Western Civilization,” laments Craig Strazzeri, PragerU CMO. “‘The Book Club’ aims to show Americans not only what to read, but to engage them in an intellectual exercise that will awaken their minds.”

The defining concepts of Western Civilization — human rights, reason, democracy, morality and individual liberty — have been instilled in millions of people by Western literature. These same venerable tomes have equipped generations with the language to defend those values.

Knowles will guide viewers through a thought-provoking discussion as he breaks down the main premise of the book and analyzes how and why it has shaped Western culture, including how its concepts are relevant today. Knowles will be joined by a special guest each episode. Viewers are encouraged to read the books, but that won’t be necessary to understand the discussion or to enjoy the show.

The Book Club with Michael Knowles” will be available the third Tuesday of each month on, the PragerU app and podcast, as well as via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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