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[Release] PragerU presenter Abigail Shrier: the brave young men of the Borderline Bar and Grill shooting showed heroic masculinity

Nov. 5, 2019
LOS ANGELES — PragerU released a 5-minute video Monday titled “The Borderline Bar and Grill: A Tale of Men and Masculinity.” Abigail Shrier, a freelance journalist, pays tribute to the brave men who saved dozens of civilians during the mass shooting at the Borderline Bar and Grill one year ago.

While the media focused on the killer, Shrier says more attention should be paid to the heroes of the tragedy. Brave young men such as Matt Wernerstrom and his friends sprang into action to protect those around them when shots rang out. They hid customers under tables, barricaded defenseless young women from the gunman with their own bodies, and pulled people to safety through a shattered window.

Forget toxic masculinity, these men showed heroic masculinity.

“This is the masculinity we so often hear denigrated,” remarks Shrier. “It takes as its duty the physical protection of others, especially women. This masculinity doesn’t wait for verbal consent or invitation to push a person out of harm’s way.”

True masculinity is also what sent police Sergeant Ron Heus charging into the building to stop the gunman, knowing he might not come back out. Unfortunately, Sgt. Heus sustained fatal injuries.

Shrier adds that society “will fail in our task” if it continues to disparage the male instinct to act heroically.

“One of the most important tasks of a moral society must be to make boys into good men,” concludes Shrier. Laws and regulations, she cautions, won’t solve the problem on their own; people who want to do evil will always find a way. Instead, society must nurture its young men to be the selfless protectors of others they instinctually know themselves to be.

True, heroic masculinity, she says, “must be developed and praised.”

View Abigail Shrier’s PragerU video here.

Abigail Shrier is a freelance journalist who has written for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, National Review, and The Federalist. She also voiced the PragerU video “Preferred Pronouns or Prison.”

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