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PragerU runs full-page ad in Toledo newspaper after parent pressures school admin to drop extra credit assignment featuring PragerU videos

Nov. 9, 2020
HOLLYWOOD — Once again, the Left has been scared by critical thinking.

When some 10th graders at Maumee High School in Maumee, Ohio, were given the option to watch PragerU educational videos and complete a questionnaire for their history class for extra credit — an assignment that encouraged them to evaluate their own political views against those presented in the videos — a liberal mother cried foul.

In a scathing email to the high school’s principal, the student’s mother wrote, “It’s ALT RIGHT propaganda. If you Google PragerU and spend a few minutes scrolling, you will see that this site is controversial at best.”

“It’s almost laughable: anything the left disagrees with is considered ‘right-wing propaganda,’” said Craig Strazzeri, Chief Marketing Officer of PragerU. “Unfortunately, many young people in our education system have been completely indoctrinated with a leftist worldview and are never exposed to an alternate perspective.”

According to the HuffPost, the mother was simply looking out for the rest of the students: “Cutway’s concern was less for her daughter, whom she sees as politically savvy enough to recognize that the site’s videos were one-sided. But she worried about other students, who may be learning about some of these issues for the first time and assume the videos are presenting facts rather than opinions.”

Evidently, the mother doesn’t really believe teenagers can — or should — think for themselves.

Maumee High School administrators clarified their decision, reiterating that the assignment was extra credit and completely optional and that all students were free to choose a different extra credit option.

“We believe that students deserve a balanced presentation of materials and we support our educators in using a variety of instructional tools and materials in their teaching, expecting them to always exercise good judgement,” the school wrote in a statement. “We take pride in preparing students for a successful future including the ability to listen to as well as express and support their own viewpoints.”

In response to the ensuing chaos, PragerU ran a full-page ad, “What happened when Maumee High School suggested students watch a conservative video?” in the Ohio newspaper The Toledo Blade on Sunday, Nov. 8. The ad is an article by Dennis Prager, founder of PragerU, that was published nationally in response to the Maumee controversy.

“Leftists fear that five minutes of conservative thought will undo four years of left-wing teaching,” Prager writes in the ad. “Their fear is justified. Their opposition isn’t.”

More information on PragerU is available here.

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