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[Release] PragerU v. YouTube: Hundreds of Additional PragerU Videos Blocked by YouTube Ahead of Court Hearing Tuesday

Aug. 23, 2019

LOS ANGELES — Hundreds more PragerU videos have been discovered to be restricted by YouTube just days before lawyers present opening arguments at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Tuesday in PragerU’s lawsuit against the social media giant.

A recent count revealed over 240 PragerU videos are restricted by YouTube, including over 100 of the organization’s popular 5-minute videos. Among these are several videos from a series on the 10 Commandments presented by Dennis Prager, which cover concepts such as “Do Not Misuse God’s Name,” “Do Not Steal” and “Do Not Covet.”

“YouTube continues to pretend to be politically neutral, while there is more evidence every day that they are targeting conservatives” Craig Strazzeri, PragerU’s CMO, said. “Why else would they restrict access to 5 of our videos on the 10 Commandments?”

PragerU has invited social media users to “Stand with PragerU” in the days leading up to its court hearing. Supporters are asked to add a graphic to their social media profile pictures with the message “Hey Google … Stop Censoring PragerU #StandwithPragerU.”

PragerU supporters can acquire the social media filters here.

Opening oral arguments will be presented at 9 a.m. PT before the Ninth Circuit Court in Seattle Tuesday, Aug. 27. Following the hearing, lead PragerU Attorney Eric George, along Strazzeri, will deliver prepared statements and take questions from media during a press conference to be held outside the courthouse.

MEDIA NOTE: Please email or call 202.810.5530 to schedule an interview with PragerU CMO Craig Strazzeri.



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