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[Release] PragerU videos surpass 3 billion views, cement organizations’ status as media juggernaut of conservative movement

Dec. 16, 2019
LOS ANGELES — PragerU’s online videos surpassed the 3 billion views mark across its digital platforms this past week. The milestone comes during an unprecedented expansion of PragerU’s content offerings. Added to its staple menu of 5-minute videos — which made PragerU the go-to site for bite-sized explainers on conservative ideas — is a variety of new content including “The Candace Owens Show,” a weekly “Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager,” man-on-the-street videos with Will Witt and a collection of content addressing current issues in the news and culture called “The Pulse.”

The media company is also set to announce upcoming endeavors in the new year such as longer format documentary-style content and original shows like “The Book Club” hosted by Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire which will explore seminal works of Western Literature and their implications on modern society.

“When we crossed the 1 billion views mark two years ago we celebrated it as proof that conservative values resonate with millions of people,” says Marissa Streit, CEO of PragerU. “We celebrate the 3 billion mark as proof that PragerU has become the trusted conservative media powerhouse at the forefront of proclaiming the truth of America’s founding ideas.”

Over 60% of PragerU’s viewers on YouTube are under the age of 35, and an amazing 70% of viewers have said that a PragerU video changed their mind on an issue. In 2019, PragerU launched a mobile app with its videos hosted natively to gain more independence from the Big Tech platforms. The app already has over 150,000 downloads.

The top 5-minute videos of 2019 include:
Capitalism vs. Socialism with Andy Puzder — over 10 million views
The Charlottesville Lie with Steve Cortes — over 6 million views
The Left Ruins Everything with Dennis Prager — over 6 million views

Aside from its produced content, PragerU has fought for America’s founding principles in other ways, primarily via two lawsuits against Google/YouTube (one federal, one in California state court) which allege the Big Tech companies have infringed upon PragerU’s First Amendment rights. Google/YouTube has restricted access to hundreds of PragerU’s videos, claiming the videos violate policies on explicit content. PragerU maintains its videos — including videos on the 10 Commandments — are the farthest thing from inappropriate and are only censored because they promote conservative values.

“It’s because of our success in reaching billions of video views that Big Tech companies like Google and YouTube are increasingly restricting more and more of our videos,” says Craig Strazzeri, CMO of PragerU. “They want to slow down our progress, but we will not let them bully us and we will continue to fight back against online censorship.”

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