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[Release] PragerU’s new series ‘Americanos’ spotlights ‘freedom-loving’ American Latinos who ‘reject the lies of the Left’

Apr. 24, 2020
LOS ANGELES — PragerU is unveiling a new documentary-style series titled “Americanos,” featuring the stories of Latinos across the country who embody the American dream and embrace the Judeo-Christian values that shaped America.

Americanos episodes feature hosts from various Latino backgrounds sharing personal stories that celebrate traditional American values.

The first episode of Americanos, to be released April 28, will feature Anna Paulina Luna, daughter of Mexican immigrants and a U.S. Veteran. “We’ve witnessed the breakdown of our families, the overregulation of our businesses, and the deterioration of our cities and schools,” Anna says. “The left tells us they have our best interests at heart, but they don’t. We all have stories to share – and PragerU is helping us to share them.”

The mini-documentaries will be released monthly on, the PragerU app, and across all major social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

“Americans are hungry to see conservative values presented in compelling ways, and we do that every day,” says Craig Strazzeri, PragerU CMO. “The Americanos series is our way of giving a voice to the millions of American Latinos who cherish traditional values and the great American way of life.”

Americanos is the latest addition to PragerU’s ever-expanding lineup of content. In 2020 alone, PragerU has added “The Book Club” series hosted by Michael Knowles and the mini-documentary “Fleeing California” hosted by Will Witt, which explores the crushing effect on California’s population by decades of Left-leaning policies.

More information about Americanos is available here. View the trailer for Americanos and sign up to be notified when the first episode is available here.

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