[Release] World Help sending generators donated by Champion Power Equipment to hurricane victims in the Bahamas

Sep. 10, 2019

FOREST, Va. — World Help, an international Christian humanitarian organization, is sending 28 generators donated by Champion Power Equipment to the hurricane-stricken Bahamas.

Tens of thousands of Hurricane Dorian survivors are currently without power, according to the United Nations. To help meet this immediate need, Dennis Trine, CEO and owner of Champion Power Equipment, has donated 28 portable generators to support the relief effort.

“Unless there is a power outage, we don’t realize how much we depend on electricity for our daily lives,” he said. “We use it to keep our food fresh, control the temperature of our homes and provide light at night. Currently, tens of thousands of people don’t have access to this resource in the Bahamas. They’re alone, hungry and desperate for help. We are praying these generators will be a blessing to them and help them survive another day,” Trine continued. “Champion Power Equipment is honored to support the relief effort by partnering with World Help to donate our generators.”

World Help continues to work with partners in the Bahamas to help in the areas most impacted by Hurricane Dorian. A $50 donation provides necessities such as bottled water, food and hygiene items to a person in need.

“We are so grateful to Dennis Trine and his team at Champion Power Equipment for their support and generous donation,” said Vernon Brewer, founder of World Help. “These generators will provide many people with electricity to help them get through this disaster. Please continue to support our brothers and sisters in the Bahamas through your financial gifts and prayers. Pray for their safety, their security and for the recovery process over the next several months. There is still much more work to do.”

To learn more about the relief efforts or to donate, visit World Help’s Hurricane Dorian Relief page or call 800-541-6691.

The Tennessee location of Champion Power Inc. is located in Jackson, and the original headquarters is in Santa Fe Springs, California.

Media note: To schedule an interview with a World Help representative, please contact press@thekcompany.co.




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