[Release] World Relief Signs Letter Condemning President Trump’s Language, Applauds Congress for Seeking Protection of ‘Dreamers’

Jan. 15, 2018

BALTIMORE, MD – On Jan. 14, World Relief signed a letter written collectively by members of the Evangelical Immigration Table, a coalition of evangelical leaders and organizations seeking biblical solutions for immigration. The letter expressed frustration with the words reportedly used by President Trump to describe particular African nations, along with Haiti and El Salvador, from which many Americans have emigrated.

The letter highlighted the fact that immigrants from “every country in the world have contributed to the greatness of this country.”

“The Scriptures teach us that each human person — regardless of their country of origin — is made in the image of God, with inherent and infinite dignity,” the letter stated. “These biblical values inform our national values as well. The United States was founded upon the conviction that all people are created equal — though, as Martin Luther King, Jr. reminded our country, we have not always lived up to that truth.”

In the letter, Christian leaders also praised the efforts of a bipartisan group of U.S. Senators for their efforts to ensure ‘Dreamers’ can be granted legal status to remain in the U.S. and continue to work.

“We pledge to the Dreamers who know most personally the urgency of this situation — including many within our churches and organizations—that we will continue to stand with them and work for a just, compassionate solution,” the letter concluded.

The letter can be viewed here.

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