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[Statement] Bishop Joseph D’Souza: India Stands in Solidarity with US after Las Vegas Shooting

Oct. 3, 2017

HYDERABAD, India — Please see below an updated statement for the Most Rev. Dr. Joseph D’Souza, moderating bishop of the Good Shepherd Church of India and president of the All India Christian Council.

“America, your Indian brothers and sisters mourn with you after this devastating tragedy. We mourn the loss of every single innocent life, and we pray for those wounded and the families of everyone affected by this night of terror. For us in the global south, America has always represented a people resilient and strong, who, when disaster strikes, show the world the best of humanity by their compassion and sacrifice for one another. We pray that in the aftermath of this tragedy, these might be the kind of stories that travel far and wide across the world, giving us all a reason to hope and believe that terror and hate will never get the last word.”



Photos of Dr. D’Souza are available here.

Most Rev. Dr. Joseph D’Souza is the Moderating Bishop of the Good Shepherd Church and Associated Ministries of India. He also serves as the president of the All India Christian Council.  He is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades for his work as a human rights activist. He is also the founder and international president of the Dalit Freedom Network. He can be reached at: moderator@gsoim.org. Additional biographical information is available here.