Dr. Jack Graham

Dr. Jack Graham is the senior pastor of the 50,000-member Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX and the founder of PowerPoint Ministries.

[Statement] Dr. Jack Graham: At NPB, America Saw President Trump ‘Recognize God’s Grace’

Feb. 8, 2018

PLANO, Texas — Dr. Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, releases a statement reflecting on President Trump’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursdaymorning:

“What I love about the National Prayer Breakfast is that it’s a space where politicians can put politics aside, pastors, imams and rabbis can sit side-by-side in a spirit of brotherhood and acceptance, and everyone present can simply focus on God’s grace and love.

“This year, I was especially encouraged to see the president of the United States step onstage and recognize God’s grace in our nation’s past and present. ‘Throughout our history, we see the story of God’s providence,’ he said, ‘and in every city and town, we see the Lord’s grace all around us, through a million acts of kindness, courage and generosity. We love God.’

“Our president also spoke about the power of a people who live by faith. ‘When Americans are able to live by their convictions, to speak openly of their faith,’ he said, ‘… our nation can achieve anything at all.’

“My hope is that, as the president said, we never forget that ‘faith is central to American life and liberty.’ And I pray that we will double our commitment to protect religious liberty at home and abroad, and to seek every day how we can better love and serve our neighbors.”



Dr. Jack Graham is the pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, one of the largest and fastest growing churches in America. He is also a noted author, and his PowerPoint Ministriesbroadcasts are available in 92 countries and are heard daily in more than 740 cities. He has served as president of the Southern Baptist Convention and the honorary chairman of the 2015 National Day of Prayer. 

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