Jentezen Franklin

Pastor Jentezen Franklin is the Senior Pastor of Free Chapel, a multi campus church. Each week his television program Kingdom Connection is broadcast on major networks all over the world. Franklin is a New York Times best-selling author and winner of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Mantle of Destiny Award for his efforts on racial reconciliation.

[Statement] Jentezen Franklin: “Stop Political Posturing and Support the President’s Proposal for Common Sense Protection and Humanitarian Aid”

Jan. 19, 2019

GAINESVILLE, Ga. — Pastor Jentezen Franklin issues the following statement in support of President Trump’s offer to extend protection for Dreamers in exchange for Democratic support for building the southern wall:

“Along with other leaders of the faith community, I had the privilege one week ago to sit down for over an hour with President Trump and Vice President Pence. Our battle cry to both Republicans and Democrats has been the same: ‘Build the wall and give us DACA.’

“Today, President Trump has gone way beyond halfway in agreeing to extend deportation protections to Dreamers for three years. He also placed in his proposal many ideas originally proposed by Democrats, showing that he is listening. The president just wants common sense protection on the southern border that includes a barrier and humanitarian support, something everybody said they wanted just a few years ago. It’s time to stop the political posturing and support the president’s proposal for common sense protection and humanitarian aid.”



Jentezen Franklin is the senior pastor of Free Chapel, a multi-campus church with locations from coast to coast. Each week his television program “Kingdom Connection” is broadcast on major networks all over the world. A New York Times best-selling author, Jentezen has written eight books. His latest book, Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt, is available in bookstores everywhere.

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