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My Faith Votes exists to inspire and motivate 25 million Christians who were registered to vote but who chose not to vote in 2012.  The movement's Honorary National Chairman is Dr. Ben Carson.

[Statement] My Faith Votes: President Trump, Commemorate National Religious Freedom Day by Granting Asylum to Asia Bibi

Jan. 16, 2019

DALLAS — Jason Yates, CEO of My Faith Votes, issues the following statement:

“Each year, the president of the United States proclaims January 16 to be National Religious Freedom Day. This proclamation is an important reminder at the start of a new year that religious freedom is a treasured, sacred American right.


“The roots of this right were codified by Thomas Jefferson, who drafted The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom to protect the religious liberties of Virginians. Jefferson’s statute would go on to form the basis for many of the religion clauses enshrined in the Bill of Rights. He wrote that ‘our civil rights have no dependence on our religious opinions,’ and went on to conclude, ‘we are free to declare, and do declare, that the rights hereby asserted are of the natural rights of mankind.’ Though it is true that America is unique among nations in how fiercely it has preserved the religious liberty of its citizens, to Jefferson, the right to choose one’s religion — and how, when and where one worships — is not solely an American right, but a natural, God-given right imputed to all of humanity. 

“It is in that spirit that My Faith Votes urges President Trump, Secretary Pompeo and the U.S. Congress to extend asylum to Asia Bibi and her family. She and her family have faced trials, tribulations and terror in Pakistan — all for refusing to forsake their Christian faith. Symbolically, there is no better day than National Religious Freedom Day to tangibly demonstrate America’s dedication to religious liberty by giving recognition to Bibi, who has steadfastly lived her faith in the public square despite that right being trampled by the government she lives under.”

My Faith Votes has this tool available for voters to send their own messages to President Trump, Secretary Pompeo and their elected representatives urging asylum for Asia Bibi.



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