[Statement] On National Day of Prayer, Dr. Tim Clinton Prays for the Unity of the Family

May. 3, 2018

WASHINGTON — Dr. Tim Clinton, president of the American Association of Christian Counselors, issues the following statement:

“Elected officials from the President to the local school board are joining together today, the National Day of Prayer, to pray for the unity of our nation. We live in divisive times and, possibly, no other institution is under greater strain than the family. God ordained the family to be a place to nurture hearts and train hands with grace to love and be loved. Yet too many families are disintegrating, causing pain, sorrow and loneliness.

“So pray with me that God would heal broken relationships and encourage the hurting. Pray that he gives strength to the single parent and grace to the blended family. Pray also for wisdom to raise our children to care for others and love the Lord. Unity is noble and needed, and I believe our communities and nation will only truly be united when our families are whole.”



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