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[Statement] Rebecca Friedrichs: California Healthy Youth Act Amounts to Child Abuse

Mar. 28, 2019

LOS ANGELES — Rebecca Friedrichs, founder of For Kids & Country, issues the following statement supporting the Informed Parents of California rally on the south steps of the state capitol Thursday protesting the California Healthy Youth Act (AB329):

“Today I stand with thousands of concerned California parents who’ve massed at the capitol in Sacramento to make their presence felt at the final Instructional Quality Commission meeting before the May vote by the State Board of Education on the Proposed Health Education Framework. 

“Yet, no matter how many thousands upon thousands of concerned parents sign petitions, swarm school board meetings and descend upon the capital in protest, the State of California is determined to pass explicit sex-education curriculum changes. 

Championed by the California Teachers Association and aided by a gaggle of liberal social-activists, Democrat legislators are ushering in a curriculum that will expose children as young as 11 to graphic and medically inaccurate material. Our children will be required to sit through lessons that push LGBTQ+ philosophies, demonstrate how to engage in anal, oral and vaginal sexual activity, how to access and obtain abortions — all without parental permission. If our children were exposed to these same lurid concepts and images anywhere else, it would be considered child abuse.”


Rebecca Friedrichs is the founder of For Kids & Country, a non-profit organization empowering teachers, parents, students, faith leaders and citizens in the fight to restore proper authority, excellence and safety in America’s schools. 

She is a 28-year veteran public school teacher whose fight against the politics, corruption, division and intimidation tactics of state and national teachers unions resulted in a landmark lawsuit against the California Teachers Association and the National Education Association that was argued before the U.S. Supreme Court. Her case paved the way for a precedent-setting ruling which freed all public sector employees from forced unionism. 

Her PragerU video “Why Good Teachers Want School Choice” has over 4.7 million views. She’s the author of Standing Up to Goliath: Battling State and National Teachers’ Unions for the Heart and Soul of Our Kids and Country.

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