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[Statement] Rebecca Friedrichs: California’s SB 419 Hands Classrooms Over to ‘Disruptive Students’

Sep. 10, 2019

ORANGE COUNTY — Rebecca Friedrichs, 28-year California public school teacher and founder of For Kids & Country, releases the following statement denouncing California Senate Bill 419, which bans schools from suspending students who show “willful defiance.” The bill was signed into law Monday by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“California’s union-controlled legislature and governor just told students across the state there are no consequences for unruly behavior and have handed control of the classroom over to the most disruptive students. Teachers who simply want to teach and students who truly want to learn are held hostage by their new overlords — willfully defiant kids.

“Teachers nationwide are in crisis thanks to similar short-sighted leniency policies which deceptively claim to protect special needs students. In reality, they incentivize administrators to ignore pernicious behaviors that warrant suspension, expulsion or police involvement, allowing special needs students like the Parkland shooter to go unsupported and undetected.”




Rebecca Friedrichs is the founder of For Kids & Country and a 28-year public school teacher who led the fight against the divisive tactics, politics and corruption of teachers’ unions as lead plaintiff in Friedrichs v. CTA. Her U.S. Supreme Court case paved the way for a precedent-setting ruling which freed all public sector employees from forced unionism.

Her PragerU video “Why Good Teachers Want School Choice” has over 5 million views. She’s the author of Standing Up to Goliath: Battling State and National Teachers’ Unions for the Heart and Soul of Our Kids and Country.

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