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[Statement] Rebecca Friedrichs: Chicago Teachers’ Strike a ‘Clear Power Grab by the Unions’

Oct. 17, 2019

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. — Rebecca Friedrichs, California public school teacher for 28 years and founder of For Kids & Country, releases the following statement in response to the Chicago Public Schools teacher strike that began Thursday:

Teachers want to teach. Teachers’ unions — by contrast — want power. Today’s strike in Chicago is a clear power grab by the unions. The underlying motivation behind their call to hire an army of new employees in Chicago schools is really to add an army of new dues-paying union members. And what do they want those union dues for? To push their far-reaching social and political agenda that seeks to abolish parental authority, introduce chaos and indoctrinate the next generation of Americans in radical socialist ideals.


“Teachers, don’t be fooled by your union leaders: these demands aren’t really about what’s best for the teachers, and they definitely aren’t about what’s best for students. Whoever wins in Chicago, the real losers in this strike are the children  unless you rise up against your union leadership and reject their radical agenda.”




Rebecca Friedrichs is the founder of For Kids & Country, a non-profit that educates and empowers teachers, parents, students, faith leaders and citizens in the fight to restore authority, excellence and safety in America’s schools. A California public school teacher for 28 years, her fight against forced unionism, highlighted in the book, Standing Up to Goliath, took her all the way to the Supreme Court. Her PragerU video “Why Good Teachers Want School Choice” has over 5 million views.

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