Samuel Rodriguez

Samuel Rodriguez is the President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), the world’s largest Hispanic Christian organization with 42,000 plus U.S. churches and many additional churches spread throughout the Spanish-speaking diaspora.  

[Statement] Rev. Samuel Rodriguez Urges Bipartisan Resolution to Dreamer Crisis as Congress Votes Next Week

Jun. 14, 2018

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Rev. Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, issues the following statement:

“While the federal government has a duty to protect America’s borders and defend the rule of law, we must always balance enforcement with compassion. Alleged reports that some illegal border crossers, many of them families, are enduring callous actions by law enforcement should cause us all to take pause. Regardless of the reason behind a person’s attempt to come into the country, we must respond with American decency and respect for the dignity of every single child of God made in His image. 


“The House has announced votes next week on competing immigration bills. I urge Republicans and Democrats alike not to miss this opportunity to work together to prioritize compassionate, commonsense immigration reforms that provide a path to legal residency for Dreamers. The physical reality of the immigration crisis must cause lawmakers from both parties to sideline hardline dogma for the sake of the real people whose lives and wellbeing rest on the outcome of Washington’s decision.”




Rev. Samuel Rodriguez is president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, executive producer of The Impossible with 20th Century Fox, and bestselling author of “Shake Free” which released nationwide on May 22, 2018. He has been named by CNN and Fox News as “the leader of the Hispanic Evangelical movement” and TIME Magazine nominated him among the 100 most influential leaders in America.

The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference is recognized and identified by Time Magazine, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Christianity Today, Charisma Magazine, NBC, Telemundo, Univision, Fox News, CNN, and a number of additional media outlets, publications, and periodicals as America’s largest and most influential Hispanic/Latino Christian organization with 40,118 certified member churches in the United States and chapters in Latin America.

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