[Statement] Statement from World Help President Vernon Brewer on Human Rights Day, Dec. 10

Dec. 9, 2016

The U.N. General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Dec. 10, 1948, marking the day that two years later would be declared Human Rights Day.

FOREST, Va. — Dr. Vernon Brewer, president and founder of the Christian humanitarian organization World Help, releases this statement as he and the World Help staff prepare to observe Human Rights Day:

“While we live in a world of technological advancement and innovation, we are seemingly in the midst of more global crises than ever before. Human Rights Day reminds us that just as the world is full of promise and opportunity, it also is full of suffering and injustice. It’s because of days like this one, when humanity rallies around the poor, persecuted, and oppressed, that we remember the millions who are deprived daily of their freedom and human dignity.

“On Human Rights Day we remember that more than 45 million men, women, and children still live under the tyranny of slavery—whether it’s in the form of forced labor or sex trafficking; that over 58 million children around the world are out of school, and will likely never get a complete education; that an estimated 65.3 million people, a record high, have been forcibly displaced from their homes by war and violence; and that almost three-quarters of the world’s population live in countries where individuals frequently suffer horrifically because of their religious beliefs.

“Indeed, human rights begin with the freedom of religion and expression—with the liberty of every human to believe and say whatever he or she wants. The censuring of these basic human rights often paves the way for the deprivation and exploitation of other freedoms.

“After 25 years of delivering humanitarian aid and hope to millions, World Help remains as committed as ever to fighting for human rights wherever we go—one person at a time, delivering help for today and hope for tomorrow.”

Brewer also recorded a video for Human Rights Day, specifically highlighting the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Iraq.

This year, World Help is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Since 1991, World Help has delivered humanitarian aid and hope to more than 76 million people in 70 countries.


World Help is a Christian humanitarian organization committed to serving the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities around the world. It was founded in 1991 by Vernon Brewer.

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