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My Faith Votes exists to inspire and motivate 25 million Christians who were registered to vote but who chose not to vote in 2012.  The movement’s Honorary National Chairman is Dr. Ben Carson.


[Release] My Faith Votes selects Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret.) as Spokesperson

[Release] Evangelical leaders launch ‘Our Church Votes’ to rapidly increase voter registration state by state, beginning in Virginia, Georgia, California

Charisma | Jentezen Franklin, Sam Rodriguez, Johnnie Moore Launch Initiative to Get Churches to Vote

[Release] My Faith Votes launches podcast featuring interviews with Mike Huckabee, Abby Johnson, others discussing faith and politics

[Release] My Faith Votes surveys find thousands of Christians have higher view of President Trump during COVID-19

[Release] My Faith Votes to host live, online town hall conversation with Gov. Mike Huckabee to discuss COVID-19, November elections and more

Charisma News | Survey: 6 in 10 Christians Have Higher View of President Trump During COVID-19 Crisis

The Western Journal | Pro-Life Group Denied Ad by Fox, Responds with Powerful Request for Everyone Watching the Super Bowl

Breitbart | Abortion Survivors Group: Make a Statement ‘Fox Will Feel’ After Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad Censorship

Washington Examiner | ‘Strung along’: Fox declines Super Bowl ad on botched abortions

CBN | Dr. Dobson Asks Why Fox Says ‘Yes’ to Drag Queens, ‘No’ to Abortion Survivors in Super Bowl Ads

The Christian Post | Fox won’t show abortion survivors’ Super Bowl ad but OKs drag queen commercial

The Washington Times | Pro-life ad fails to make Super Bowl cut despite spots with drag queens, political candidates

Life News | Fox Allows Super Bowl Ad With Drag Queens, Won’t Approve Pro-Life Commercial

The Blaze | Fox refuses to OK Super Bowl ad for abortion survivors, but had no problem approving an ad featuring drag queens

CBN | Commercial Featuring Abortion Survivors Blocked from Super Bowl, Group Claims

[Release] Jason Yates, CEO of My Faith Votes Honors Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

CBN | Petition Aims to Override Pelosi After She Blocked Protections for Born-Alive Abortion Survivors 80 Times

[Release] Jason Yates, CEO of My Faith Votes: Impeachment ‘will accentuate’ voter turnout in 2020

CBN | Christians Don’t ‘Shove Aside’ Impeachment Hearings, Rise Up and Pray: Here’s How

CBN | Christians Don’t ‘Shove Aside’ Impeachment Hearings, Rise Up and Pray: Here’s How

Charisma | How Spirit-Led Christians Can Pray Right Now for the Impeachment Process

[Release] My Faith Votes releases impeachment guide and calls Christians to pray throughout the proceedings

Fox News | Jason Yates: Here’s how you can truly thank veterans for their service and sacrifices

Charisma | The Dire Reasons California Christians Must Vote Today

Christian Headlines | Q&A with Pastor Jack Hibbs: Pastors Must Address Biblical World Issues, Christians Need to Vote

LifeZette | Christian Voters Should Be Involved in Every Election

The Christian Post | Q&A with Lila Rose: Pro-life Issues must remain front-&-center in 2020

[Release] My Faith Votes targets 72 million Christians unlikely to vote on Nov. 5 with new voting tool

LifeZette | Pro-Life Issues Must Remain Front and Center in 2020, Says Lila Rose of Live Action

The Christian Post | Q&A with megachurch pastor Todd Wagner on serving God, getting involved in politics

[Statement] My Faith Votes Applauds President Trump’s Call Before United Nations to Protect Religious Freedom

CBN | 15M Christians Aren’t Registered to Vote: Churches Across US Participating in ‘Voter Registration Sunday’

NPR | Church Groups Registering Voters Must Heed IRS Laws

NPR | Church Groups Registering Voters Must Heed IRS Laws LISTEN· 2:54

The Christian Post | Q&A with Jonathan Pokluda: Millennials are great at faith, bad at patience

LifeZette | Why the Constitution Is the Most Remarkable Government Document in History

Townhall | Our Constitution Is Remarkable

One News Now | Statistics inspire Voter Registration Sunday

[Release] My Faith Votes: HHS Right to Defend Nurse Unknowingly Forced to Assist Abortion

Family Research Council | Doreen Denny, Jake Warner, Audrea Decker, Shelby Talcott

Fox News | Mike Huckabee: In responding to mass murders, thoughts and prayers are incredibly important

The Christian Post | Q&A with Jim Denison: We’re losing consensual morality in America

The Christian Post | Q&A with Jim Denison: We’re losing consensual morality in America

The Christian Post | Q&A with Rebecca Friedrichs: Christian teachers, you need to know what your unions are really funding

[Release] My Faith Votes: State Department’s Second Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom Reminds Us to Be Grateful & Vigilant

Charisma | Christian Teacher Pushes Back Against California’s Radical Sex-Ed Agenda

LifeZette | Public School Teacher Never Wanted Her Union Dues to Fund Far-Left Causes

The Christian Post | Honor the flag on July 4

LifeZette | ‘By Standing for the Flag, I Honor My Country’

Faithwire | United. We Stand.

CBN | COMMENTARY: ‘United We Stand’

The Christian Post | Why this pastor is biking across America

[Statement] My Faith Votes Receives 4,750 Birthday Cards for President Trump

LifeZette | Dennis Prager: ‘God Will Ask You Why You Didn’t Vote’

[Statement] On the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, My Faith Votes Honors the Valor, ​​​​​​​Sacrifice and Love of WWII Vets

[Statement] My Faith Votes Applauds HHS Decision to Discontinue Use of Fetal Tissue from Abortions for Research

Fox News | Jason Yates: Take time this Memorial Day to thank God for the tremendous freedom we have as Americans

The Washington Times | Gallup: Republicans, conservatives hold the line against socialism

[Statement] My Faith Votes Supports President Trump’s Initiatives to Secure the Border and Introduce Merit-Based Immigration Reform

The Christian Post | We must stand with Israel as rockets fly

CBN | We Must Stand with Israel When Rockets Fly

The Christian Post | Q&A with Greg Laurie: America ‘ripe’ for spiritual awakening

[Statement] My Faith Votes Calls Americans to Pray and Love One Another on National Day of Prayer

The Christian Post | A conversation with John Paine: I’ll keep my ALS

The Stream | Sober Findings From the General Social Survey

CBN | A Conversation with John Paine: I’ll Keep My ALS

[Release] My Faith Votes Partners with Major Pro-life Film ‘Unplanned,’ Provides Tool for Moviegoers to Respond

CBN | Christians: We Don’t Have To Be The Majority In Order To Shape Culture

The Christian Post | Q&A with Abby Johnson: Abortion must not be illegal, but unthinkable

CBN | Dr. Jim Garlow: The ‘Jolting’ Reality of America’s Biblical Void and a ‘Bold’ Plan to Turn the Tide

Christian Today | Trump administration delights pro-lifers with moves to defund Planned Parenthood

[Statement] My Faith Votes Celebrates Trump Admin Move Barring Federal Funds from Abortion Providers & Urges Senators to Support Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

[Statement] My Faith Votes: Congress Must Act on President Trump’s SOTU Call for Legislation Banning Late-term Abortion

Fox News | Mike Huckabee: New York’s horrific new abortion law and Roe v. Wade are both built on the same lie

[Release] ‘We Must Strive for an America where Abortion Isn’t Just Illegal — It’s Unthinkable, ’ March for Life Speaker Abby Johnson Tells My Faith Votes

The Christian Post | Asia Bibi living like a prisoner in Pakistan, hiding from angry mobs who want her dead

[Statement] My Faith Votes: President Trump, Commemorate National Religious Freedom Day by Granting Asylum to Asia Bibi

One News Now | Will the U.S. ever grant asylum to Bibi?

[Statement] My Faith Votes: House Democrats Make Abortion Funding Top Priority

The Christian Post | Asia Bibi’s neighbors want her dead: There is no forgiveness for insulting Muhammad

[Statement] My Faith Votes: FIRST STEP Act About ‘Breaking Hopeless Cycles’

The Christian Post | Mike Huckabee says America ‘betraying’ its principles by not helping Asia Bibi, urges Trump to act

Fox News | Mike Huckabee: President Trump, Asia Bibi is a Christian under threat of death in Pakistan — please help her

Newsmax | Phil Robertson: Our Country Needs Biblical Correctness NOT Political Correctness

The Stream | MyFaithVotes: Why Voting is Important for Christians

Fox News | ‘Think, Pray, Vote:’ Millions spent in midterms to rally evangelical voters

Fox News | GOP, Democrats hope to win evangelical vote on Election Day

[Release] ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Tells My Faith Votes ​​​​​​​2018 Midterms ‘Most Important’ in His Lifetime

[Release] My Faith Votes’ ‘Because I Care’ Campaign Equips 325,000 Students on 117 Christian Colleges to Vote in Midterms

Faithwire | Are You Prepared To Protect Christian Values In The Midterm Elections?

Charisma | Major Faith Leaders Turn to Isaiah for Comfort in the Wake of the Pittsburgh Jewish Massacre

[Statement] My Faith Votes Condemns Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting as an ‘Act of Pure Evil’

Fox News | Mike Huckabee: Vote to elect the leaders you want – or stop complaining

[Release] Gov. Mike Huckabee, Bishop Harry Jackson and Jason Yates Explain ‘Why Your Vote Matters’ on TBN’s ‘Huckabee’

[Statement] My Faith Votes: Price of ‘Sham Court Case’ Against Brunson ‘Too High’ for Turkey

Charisma | BREAKING: Pastor Andrew Brunson Set Free

CBN | Hillary Clinton: Democrats ‘Cannot be Civil’ with Republicans, Must Get ‘Tougher’

Christian Today | Trump’s evangelical supporters hail Kavanaugh confirmation

[Statement] After Kavanaugh Confirmation, My Faith Votes Calls on All Americans to Respect the Dignity and Sincerity of Belief of Those Whose Values Differ

[Release] My Faith Votes Makes It Fast and Easy for Americans to Register to Vote, Request an Absentee Ballot, and More

Faithwire | Independents Aren’t the Swing Voters This Year. Christians Are.

The Christian Post | Independents Aren’t the Swing Vote This Election, Christians Are

The Christian Post | To Protect Religious Liberty and Sanctity of Life, Confirm Judge Kavanaugh to SCOTUS

Charisma | Kavanaugh Hearings Will Be Rough, But Only One Choice for America’s Future Remains

CBN | What ‘United We Stand’ Should Mean For Christians

Faithwire | What ‘United We Stand’ Should Mean For Christians

Charisma | Why Christians Must Stand United When They Vote

[Press Release] Gov. Mike Huckabee to Attend My Faith Votes Sponsored Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam

The Christian Post | A Q&A With Dr. Tony Evans: Why Christians Should Vote in the Primary Elections

Faithwire | Christians, We Can Impact The Mid Term Elections. But Only If We Engage Millennials.

The Christian Post | We CAN Reach the Next Generation of Voters

One News Now | Voting with knowledge – and Godly wisdom

The Christian Post | Christian Leaders Issue Travel Warning: ‘If Turkey Isn’t Safe for Brunson, It Isn’t Safe for Us’

Newsmax | Reports: Christian Leaders, Advocacy Groups Issue Travel Warning on Turkey

[Statement] My Faith Votes: Trump Administration ‘Unapologetically Prioritizes’ Religious Liberty in First-Ever State Department Ministerial

Newsmax | Religious Right Cheers SCOTUS Pick Brett Kavanaugh

Charisma | People of Faith Must Defend Our Nation’s Founding Principles

Faithwire | How You Can Celebrate Your Faith This Independence Day

Faithwire | There Is No Better Time For Thoughts And Prayers

[Statement] My Faith Votes: Congress Must Follow the President’s Executive Order and Act NOW to Solve Immigration Crisis

The Christian Post | DOJ Announces Initiative to Protect Places of Worship From Land Use Discrimination

[Statement] My Faith Votes: The Place to Worship Initiative Is a Powerful Tool to Advance Religious Freedom and Prevent Government Overreach

[Statement] Gov. Huckabee for My Faith Votes: SCOTUS Ruling Leaves Work to Protect Religious Freedom ‘Unfinished’

[Statement] My Faith Votes Applauds U.S. Embassy Opening in Jerusalem

Breitbart | EXCLUSIVE: American Christians Celebrate Historic Opening of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

[Statement] My Faith Votes: ‘Sweet Embrace’ of Freedom Greets Released Americans

Charisma | From Franklin Graham to Greg Laurie, Christian Leaders Praise North Korea’s Hostage Release

[Statement] My Faith Votes: White House Faith Initiative ‘Deepens’ Cooperation Between Faith Community and Government

[Statement] My Faith Votes: Unity Starts With Prayer

Fox News Radio | Dems Target California Churches, Christian Bookstores

[Statement] My Faith Votes: New California Bill Tramples Religious Liberty

Faithwire | The Only Way to Defeat the ‘Monopoly of Opinion’ Mindset Crippling America

Charisma | The Time-Tested Prescription to Heal a Divided Nation

Faithwire | Are Social Media Giants Silencing Conservatives?

The Christian Post | Free Speech for All at Stake After Conservatives Censored

[Statement] My Faith Votes Applauds Bipartisan Effort in ‘Fighting for the Vulnerable’ Following New Law Against Sex Trafficking

Faithwire | ‘The View’ Host Attempts to Hijack History and Secularize America’s Founding

Charisma | How Should Christians Respond to a Mass Shooting? A Terrorist Attack? Nuclear Threats? Sexual Harassment?

Faithwire | There Is No Better Time For Thoughts And Prayers

Charisma | Yes, Values Voters Are Dangerous—When They Vote

The Christian Post | Yes, Values Voters Are Dangerous — When They Vote

Christian Today | Now even US evangelical leaders criticise Trump for ‘immoral’ spending bill

The Christian Post | Evangelical Leaders: Trump Showed ‘Moment of Weakness’ by Signing ‘Immoral’ Spending Bill

[Statement] My Faith Votes to President Trump: Protect Religious Liberty, Rescind Nomination of Chai Feldblum to EEOC

The Christian Post | Tony Perkins: Religious Freedom Restoration Under Trump Will End If Evangelicals Don’t Vote Republican

The Christian Post | The Christian Response to Anti-Religious Bigotry in America

[Statement] My Faith Votes CEO Jason Yates on Gov. Huckabee’s Resignation from CMA Foundation: This Is about Politics, not Music

[Statement] My Faith Votes CEO Jason Yates Releases Statement on Passing of Rev. Billy Graham

[Statement] My Faith Votes: National Prayer Breakfast a ‘Promising Sight’

The Christian Post | My Faith Votes: ‘We Need to Stop Treating Midterm Elections As If They’re Insignificant’

[Statement] My Faith Votes: President Trump’s Call to National Unity Is ‘Welcome and Needed’

[Statement] My Faith Votes Supports HUD Secretary Carson’s Right to Practice His Christian Faith

The Christian Post | Every Year We Abort 1.5 Million Babies While Over 3 Million Families Are in Line to Adopt

Charisma | Greg Laurie, James Dobson and Other Major Faith Leaders Ready for Spiritual War

[Statement] My Faith Votes Issues Statement Supporting the 2018 March for Life

[Statement] My Faith Votes Issues Statement Applauding New Conscience and Religious Freedom Division at HHS

[Statement] My Faith Votes Issues Statement in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

[Statement] My Faith Votes to President Trump after Signing Tax Bill into Law: Thank You for Keeping Your Promise to We the People

[Release] My Faith Votes: Evangelicals Say, ‘Thank You,’ to President Trump for Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Christian Today | Pray for Jerusalem: Why do Pope Francis and US evangelicals disagree so strongly?


Tru News | Evangelical Faith Leaders Weigh in on Jerusalem Decision

[Statements] The KAIROS Company Releases Reactions to President Trump’s Decision to Designate Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Charisma | Paula White, Samuel Rodriguez, Mike Huckabee and Jentezen Franklin All Agree On This One Thing

The New York Times | Push by Evangelicals Helped Set Stage for Trump Decision on Jerusalem

U.S. News and World Report | Push by Evangelicals Helped Set Stage for Trump Decision on Jerusalem

Reuters | Push by evangelicals helped set stage for Trump decision on Jerusalem

Christian Today | Trump WILL move US embassy to Jerusalem, Palestinian President says

[Release] My Faith Votes Stands with Christian Baker Jack Phillips in Supreme Court Case

[Statement] My Faith Votes: As Decision Deadline Approaches, Christians Are Praying President Trump Moves US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

[Statement] Gov. Mike Huckabee, Honorary National Chairman of My Faith Votes, Releases Thanksgiving Statement

Keep the Faith | Faith Votes Replaces Ben Carson with Mike Huckabee

[Release] My Faith Votes Survey Finds Evangelicals Want Tax Reform

The Washington Times | Why you shouldn’t skip your school board election

The Colorado Independent | Religious groups are involved in big DougCo school board race

[Statement] My Faith Votes CEO Jason Yates Issues Statement in Response to NYC Terror Attack

Education Next | The Biggest Little Election You’ve Never Heard Of

The Christian Post | 3 Reasons School Choice Should Matter to Christians

[Release] My Faith Votes Mobilizes Christians to Vote in Douglas County School Board Election

[Release] Kirk Cameron Calls Second National Family Meeting in Movie Theaters for Two Nights Only This Fall, Bringing Hope, Courage and Unity

The Christian Post | Trump Talks About His Greatest Asset on Mike Huckabee’s New Show on TBN (WATCH)

[Statement] My Faith Votes: Rollback Contraceptive Mandate Is About Protecting our First Amendment Rights

Hello Christian | Mike Huckabee: Without Christians Voting, US Facing ‘Irreversible Decline’

The Christian Post | Mike Huckabee Joins My Faith Votes, Warns of ‘Irreversible’ US Decline Unless Evangelicals Step Up

[Press Release] Gov. Mike Huckabee Joins My Faith Votes as Honorary National Chairman

Charisma | Influential Evangelical Group Marks Top Issues for Congress to Tackle

[Statement] My Faith Votes Calls on Congress to Find a Permanent and Compassionate Solution for Dreamers

[Press Release] My Faith Votes Constituents Set New Agenda for Congress, with Term Limits among Top Priorities

Business Wire | Kirk Cameron Calls Second National Family Meeting in Movie Theaters for Two Nights Only This Fall, Bringing Hope, Courage and Unity

[Statement] My Faith Votes on President Trump’s Address at the Celebrate Freedom Concert: ‘Most Important Speech Yet for the Faith Community’

[Statement] The Millions-Strong Constituency of My Faith Votes Calls Journalists to a Higher Standard, after CNN tape

[Statement] My Faith Votes Calls for Unity After Attack on Congressional Leaders, Including Majority Whip Steve Scalise

[Statement] My Faith Votes Reacts to VP Pence’s Speech at Catholic National Prayer Breakfast

[Statement] My Faith Votes Celebrates Texas Legislation Aimed to Protect Religious Freedom

[Statement] My Faith Votes Calls for a Political Peace Treaty on Memorial Day Weekend

[Press Release] My Faith Votes Partners with K-LOVE to Have Dr. Ben Carson Participate in Honoring Combat Wounded Veterans and Gold Star Families at K-LOVE Fan Awards

[Press Release] My Faith Votes CEO Jason Yates Commends President Trump for Becoming First Sitting US President to Pray at Western Wall

Newsmax | Evangelicals Give Hosannas to Trump Mideast Trip

[Release] My Faith Votes Rallies Pennsylvania Christians to Oppose New Guidance that Seeks to Redefine Sex

[Press Release] My Faith Votes Rallies Pennsylvania Christians to Oppose New Guidance that Seeks to Redefine Sex

[Statement] My Faith Votes Praises President Trump for New Exec. Order on Religious Liberty

[Statement] My Faith Votes Releases Statement on National Day of Prayer

The Christian Post | National Day of Prayer: What Christian Leaders Are Praying

[Statement] My Faith Votes Commends Alabama Legislators for Standing for Life

[Statement] My Faith Votes Praises President Trump for Working on Behalf of Christians in First 100 Days, Calls Upon Him to Fulfill Promise to Repeal Johnson Amendment

[Statement] My Faith Votes Congratulates Neil Gorsuch as He Is Sworn In to the Supreme Court

Christian Daily | Over 20,000 Christians call on U.S. Congress to stand for Biblical values

[Press Release] More Than 20,000 Americans Send A Letter To Every Member Of Congress

CBN | 20,000 Christians Tell Congress to Stand for Biblical values

Newsmax | 20K Christians Write Congress: ‘Faith Makes America Stronger’

[Statement] My Faith Votes Calls On Congress To Conduct A Fair Confirmation Hearing For Gorsuch

The Way | Massive majority of Evangelical Christians voted for Trump

The Christian Times | Trump won the election because of Christians, says Johnnie Moore

The Way | Massive majority of Evangelical Christians voted for Trump

The Christian Post | Ben Carson to ‘Many’ Voters Writing in His Name: Don’t Vote for Me, Cast Vote That Counts

[Press Release] Days Before The Election My Faith Votes Rallies Millions

Christian Post | Ben Carson: Christians Facing ‘All-Out Attack’ on Religious Freedom, Presidential Election ‘Most Important of Our Lifetime’

The Gospel Herald | Kirk Cameron on Why Christians Should Participate in ‘Revive Us’ Gathering: ‘This Could Be Our Finest Hour’

BCNN1 | Pray, Think, Vote: Nationwide Campaign Challenges Christians to Get to the Ballot Box

Yahoo! Finance | My Faith Votes Launches National TV And Radio Campaign To Mobilize The Christian Vote In The 2016 Election, Saturating Christian Media

[Press Release] My Faith Votes Launches National TV And Radio Campaign To Mobilize The Christian Vote In The 2016 Election, Saturating Christian Media

CNN | Why Christian evangelicals could hold key in November


The Gospel Herald | ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Alan Robertson: Hollywood Has Double Standard for Celebrities Speaking Out Politically

Chicago Business Journal | Ben Carson to offer keynote at 2017 World Leaders Forum

Broadway World | Kirk Cameron to Present REVIVE US, in Theaters Nationwide This October

The Christian Times | Ben Carson and Kirk Cameron urge Christians to vote in November elections

Christian Today | Dr. Ben Carson, Kirk Cameron tell Christians to vote: ‘Our future is in our own hands’

[Op Ed] TIME | Ben Carson: What You Don’t Know About The Liberty Bell

Christian Post | Ben Carson, Kirk Cameron Urge Christians to Vote: ‘When You Don’t Vote, You’re Voting’

Newsmax | Ben Carson, Kirk Cameron: God Gave Us The Right To Vote — So Do It!

Gospel Herald | Phil Robertson Urges Votes for ‘Biblically Correct’ Candidate: ‘If You Elect Depraved Souls, You’ll Get Depravity’

One News Now: Vote ‘biblically correct,’ urges Duck Dynasty’s Robertson Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson Says to Vote for the “Biblically Correct” Candidate

Christian Today: ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson urges vote for ‘biblically correct’ U.S. presidential candidate

Christian Daily: Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson urges Christians to vote for ‘Biblically correct’ presidential candidate

Christian Post: ‘Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Tells Christians to Vote for the ‘Biblically Correct’ Candidate

Baptist Press: Floyd, Jeffress, others new Trump advisers

Charisma: Evangelical Grassroots Activist Sums Up ‘Tone’ of Trump Meeting: ‘Amazing Grace

USA Today: Trump to evangelicals: Pray for people to vote for me

Breitbart News: Donald Trump Meets with 1,000 ‘Enthusiastic’ Faith Leaders in New York City

Politico: Trump’s evangelical advisory board features Bachmann, Falwell

TIME: Inside Donald Trump’s Private Meeting With Evangelicals

Baptist Message: Louisiana Baptist leaders hopeful after meeting with Trump


Texas Insider: Trump to Answer Questions from Faith Leaders: United in Purpose & My Faith Votes

LifeSite: Trump meets with 1000 pro-life, evangelical leaders: reactions mixed

Gospel Herald: Donald Trump Tells Evangelicals ‘Don’t Pray for all Political Leaders,’ Questions Faith of Hillary Clinton


PR Newswire: Donald Trump to Answer Questions from Faith Leaders in United in Purpose & My Faith Votes Event Trump to meet conservative Christians in New York ‘conversation’

Religion News Service: Neither coronation nor inquisition expected when Trump meets evangelicals

NBC News: At Critical Moment, Trump Courts Skeptical Evangelicals

Press Release: United in Purpose & My Faith Votes Organize “A Conversation with Donald Trump and Ben Carson”

US News & World Report: Carson Tapped to Lead Christian Voters’ Organization

Fox News: Dr. Ben Carson has a new gig – My Faith Votes chair

International Business Times: Ben Carson Has New Job As National Chairman Of My Faith Votes

Politico: Carson lands new job as national chairman of My Faith Votes

Bloomberg: Carson Becomes Head of My Faith Votes Group

Press Release: “My Faith Votes” Welcomes Dr. Ben Carson as National Chairman

The New York Times: Ben Carson Ends His Once-Promising Presidential Bid

The Washington Post: Ben Carson announces his next act: Convincing Christians to vote

CNN: Ben Carson: ‘I am leaving the campaign trail’